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27 Jan 2021

Country Universities Centre Far West, located in Crystal Street, is inviting future students and community to explore our local facilities and chat with students’ staff and university representatives about study options and careers on Saturday 30th January 2021.
CUC Far West has supported over 370 students to pursue their education and career goals since opening in 2018. Centre Manager, Danielle Keenan commented,

“The synergy between education and employment is critical to the ongoing sustainability of our region, we want to welcome those looking at future education the opportunity to explore what is available locally.”

The event will begin with an open day for those in the community who want to know more about what CUC Far West offers followed by a series of opt-in talks on study options including financial assistance and career close-ups where participants will gain insight into selected professions from local students and industry experts.

Chair of CUC Far West, Board of Directors, Michael Williams stated:

“CUC is creating an opportunity to build people’s aspirations in the Far West, encouraging future students to consider their career trajectory in the context of local opportunities is an important part of this picture.”

The CUC Far West is part of a network of regionally-located study communities designed for students to excel. Equipping students with a supportive environment, the study facilities provide access to campus-level technology, a network of fellow students, a Centre Manager, and academic advice.

For more information and to register your interest in the event contact Danielle Keenan 0457327937

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