How CUC Far West is supporting students to succeed

02 May 2020

Our Learning Skills Advisor Program has been designed to support regional students through their studies. Everyone from students who are brand new to studying, to the more experienced students.

One of the biggest challenges that online students face is the lack of visible support and feeling isolated. This is particularly challenging for first-year students who are not familiar with university technology, terminology, and expectations. Assisting our students to settle into their study and creating a connected learning community are two of our key goals for 2020.

 “The LSA program is designed to build confidence and academic skills for regional students who are studying via distance. Getting settled into study and learning the skills required to be successful at university, such as navigating online portals, creating study plans, and understanding new university terminology can be difficult. This program offers local face-to-face support to assist students in achieving their study goals. “ – Monica Davis, Director of Educational Delivery.

Our amazing LSA team have hosted several workshops on a range of topics such as time management, referencing, academic writing, and student wellbeing. The workshops also give students the opportunity to get to know each other and expand their local networks. You can find out more about our upcoming events by visiting their website here  (

CUC Far West student Shanique Matthews is studying her Bachelor of Midwifery through the University of South Australia.

“Being an external student and still being able to access face to face assistance for academic advice has been invaluable. I have attended multiple workshops, at the beginning of my first year and they were a great introduction into university life. Re-attending them again in second semester, I found they really helped solidify my knowledge, and the tips and tricks were more relevant and useful once I had some experience behind me.”

Shanique has been accessing CUC Far West since it opened in 2018 and has benefited from the LSA workshops and one-on-one support.

“The one-on-one Learning Skills Advisor Program with Lisa and Sophie is an incredible part of what CUC offers. Having access to feedback and guidance has helped me develop confidence and I could not envision getting through my studies without them.” – Shanique Matthews, CUC Far West student.

Our LSA team are here for you. The program has been designed with our students at the forefront of our thinking, and our workshops are tailored to the feedback that we receive from students.

“Having studied online myself, I know first hand how isolating it can feel. The Learning Skills Advisor Program allows students to have someone to connect with that understands the pressures of being a student, that can provide strategies for success and celebrate their progress” – Lisa Turner, CUC Far West, Learning Skills Advisor.

Our LSA team has been lucky to be guided by one of Australia’s experts in online education, Dr. Cathy Stone. Cathy has provided invaluable expertise on academic and wellbeing support in her role as a consultant to the CUC.

If you like more information about the program, or if you would like to organise a time to meet with our local Learning Skills Advisors, please reach out to us.

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