How to study plan

15 Jul 2021

Studying within your region definitely has its perks. It often means being closer to your support networks and avoiding the daily grind of city life. While Country Universities Centres bring the campus vibe and human touch to the university experience of regional students, there is no denying that much of external study is in a virtual world. Lectures, intensive tutorials, discussion boards, the list of online commitments that require dedication and self-discipline goes on. Most of our students have competing priorities, juggling work, family, social life and new Netflix releases.  An ad-hoc study system may suit some, but for many can be overwhelming. But never fear, enter… Study planning.

Study planning can be a helpful tool to manage your time effectively and support your wellbeing. CUC Far West students and staff share their favourite study planning tips to help you head into Semester II armed and ready for battle.

“My study planning starts before enrolment. I create a weekly schedule to include current work and family commitments and ensure I can account for some ‘me time’ before deciding on a reasonable amount of study to take on for the semester. This practice has helped me transition from part–time to full-time studies and back again. Most universities have customizable semester planning tools and planners”. Sarah – CUC FW Education Programs Coordinator & 2nd Year Bachelor of Education Primary student

Pro tip! Put a reminder in your calendar for census dates, whether the study load is too much right now or circumstances change. You can withdraw without academic or financial penalty before this date.

“Study planning is one of the most important processes for me in my journey for successful completion of my degree in Health Science.” Cory – 3rd Year Bachelor of Health Science – Mental Health student

Cory shares his steps to successful study planning:

  1. Register for CUC
  2. Investigate the university portal for assessment requirements.
  3. Ensure enrolment is completed
  4. Book a Study Planning session with CUC FW Learning Skills Advisor
  5. Plan assessment dates and priorities the workload.
  6. Do the work!

“Set a to-do list with time frames to help goal setting and visualising both big and small achievements and find a study buddy or someone to talk to about your learning journey.” Giti- CUC FW Learning Skills Advisor

CUC Far West Centre Manager Dan has an open-door policy and is always up for a chat with current and future students alike across all aspects of uni – life. Dan provides wraparound support from the early stages of your learning journey from university pathways, finding best fit courses for future students, and guidance around administrative processes to set you up for your semester ahead.

“Ensure coffee is in abundant supply. Buy fancy notebooks and pens that will likely never get used for the intended purpose.” Cat- 3rd Year Bachelor Of Social Science (Psychology) student

Did we mention that CUC Far West now has a coffee machine? Crisis averted.

Besties Phoebe and Steph are next level when it comes to planning and organisation. They have made colour coding, title pages, and semester planners an art form. They are the Pinterst pantry labelling goals in university format.

“I like to get creative prior to starting a new semester, I create a folder for the trimester with dividers for each subject, assessments and referencing information. I also create a table with all my assessments including their due dates, weighting and expected word count. Helps me stay on track and keep organised.”  Phoebe – 3rd Year Bachelor of Education Student & Steph – 3rd Year Bachelor of Paramedicine Student

The aesthetically pleasing approach to planning keeps the girls motivated and it’s super satisfying to tick stuff off a list.

Abraham Lincoln, (along time ago) once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” In literal terms, success can often come down to preparation and planning. Many universities offer study planning support and customisable timetables, It pays to checkout what’s available.  Our Learning Skills Advisors offer settling into study sessions for those new to study. Our face to face sessions aim to help you navigate your university portal, accessing unit guides and recording important information and dates. Study planning sessions are practical, assisting you to break study requirements into achievable tasks and creating manageable study blocks. Book a one-on-one Learning Skills Advice Session here.

Happy planning!

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