The Country Universities Centre (CUC) & Charles Sturt University (CSU) gives guidance to the next generation of aspiring rural Nursing Students.

24 Oct 2020 Polly Paradice

Your Roadmap to Rural Nursing 

In the wake of the impact of the global health crisis, nurses are now in demand more than ever. Regional Australia is predicted to require another 85,000 healthcare and social assistance workers by 2023. Covid-19 has seen many workers wanting to make a career pivot into healthcare professions to become frontline workers to help battle the pandemic. This means many people are considering going back to university to re-train or are eager to embark on the journey to becoming a qualified health practitioner or nurse.  

 Are you looking to study nursing? 

To some, applying to university can seem like a daunting task, so to combat this the CUC, and Charles Sturt teamed up to demist the path to becoming a rural nurse. The first step in navigating this roadmap to nursing is to gather all the information you need to apply! 

Roadmap to Rural Nursing Event 

Those who attended our event gained valuable advice from the CSU director for the Bachelor of Nursing, Linda Deravin, who spoke about admissions and requirements to getting into the courseBec Broadbent, the CUC and CSU nursing tutor, spoke about the wraparound support she provides current nursing students and the realities of becoming a nurseThree Rivers UDRH ran through the resources they provide in supporting students on their journeys to becoming rural health professionals including scholarships and pathways. Charles Sturt’s Indigenous Student Support team were also on hand to provide more information on their services and the Indigenous Access Program.  

 Current Nursing Student – Navigating a nursing degree with Jaime

Jaime Griffiths, is studying a Bachelor Nursing through CSU and readily takes advantage of her local Griffith CUC and the support of the CUC CSU nursing tutor. 

“I am a mother of four, who has had a successful 23-year career as a NSW Police officer. After leaving NSW Police I had the need to continue to help people and lead people… from there I found the Bachelor of Nursing. I chose to complete the Bachelor opposed to the Diploma due to increased support that was offered through CSU and the CUC. My original thought when starting the course was to specialise into Midwifery. I feel it is an absolute honour to be involved in not only the birth of a child, but also the care during pregnancy and the care of the mother and family.


Through CSU the most rewarding part of the course has been meeting people from all over Australia that have a combined goal in caring for people, genuinely helping people living better lives, and providing the best nursing care for all walks of life. I have honestly opened my mind to topics, and discussions I had never before been a part of. The students are provided with online support through various platforms, and not to mention fellow students are also a great support if you are lucky enough to live close to one another. The university provides fantastic library support and services, it really is phenomenal. I have met some great teachers that also have a wealth of knowledge, they are so engaging you really just want to just sit and ask questions to them for hours.


Prior to joining the CUC I was floundering with trying to balance home life, study and general motivation. I knew I wanted to do the course but it was just hard to get started. Since joining the CUC and having a specialised study space, I enter the building knowing that I am here to study and all the other people around me are studying. I have made friends outside of the nursing and I have been able to collaborate with these students and leverage their skills and knowledge to apply to my own subjects.


The CUC has also allowed me to build up a network. I also have access to the wealth of knowledge and experience of the centre manager, Learning Support Advisers, and the CUC nursing tutors.The CUC allows me to stay rurally with my family and support network, and maintain financial stability. I would never had considered a degree if I had to leave my home town and move to a major city centre.”

So why study a nursing course with Charles Sturt? 

CSU’s accredited degree will prepare you for the healthcare workforce, and you’ll benefit from CSU’s strong industry links and ties to regional and metropolitan communities across AustraliaThis course provides you with the theory, skills and understanding you’ll need in order to provide holistic patient care in a real workplace. 

 Practical program 

The Bachelor of Nursing supports students to undertake at least 800 hours of workplace learning in an exciting range of authentic healthcare settings. There are some great scholarships and supports from Three Rivers to help you get through your placements. 

Building professional capacity

You’ll work in a broad range of contexts and with patients across the lifespan, graduating as a competent and adaptable registered nurse. You’ll be able to think creatively and critically; and be a reflective and ethical practitioner, educator and facilitator. You’ll also advocate for patient health and wellbeing. 

Professional affiliations 

Charles Sturt has strong links with the Western, Far Western and Murrumbidgee Local Health Districts of New South Wales. These affiliations provide the opportunity to gain real-world practical experience and ensure our course is relevant to the industry and serves contemporary nursing needs 

  • The Bachelor of Nursing at Charles Sturt University – information about the course, subjects and entry criteria 
  • There are a number of ways to gain entry into Charles Sturt: learn more about our Admissions Pathways 
  • Connect with our Indigenous Student Support team, and learn more about their services, including the Indigenous Access Program (IAP) 
  • How can Three Rivers UDRH support your journey in Nursing? Explore our website to learn more. Check out the Indigenous Pathways to Health handbook for details about other health careers as well
  • Interested in getting a scholarship to support your studies? Visit the Scholarships Office website to search through millions of dollars of grants – if you need support applying for a scholarship, please connect with your local CUC team or the team at Three Rivers UDRH 
  • Book a consultation with someone from the Future Students Team to take a deep dive into Nursing, Midwifery, and all things Charles Sturt
  • Check out our on-demand videos and FAQs from the recent Virtual Open Day 
  • Getting hands on is what we do, don’t just take our word for it. Hear from some of our Current Nursing students and graduates and check out some of the Nursing facilities 
  • For more information about the CUC-CSU Nursing Tutor program, please email Rebecca directly at:  
  • If you missed out on our Roadmap to Rural Nursing Event please see the recorded webinar here! 

 Want to register with your local CUC? 

Registering with you CUC Far West is free and provides you with a quiet, dedicated space to study.

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